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послушаем, что они там настряпали, раньше нравилось, посмотрим как теперь))

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01. SCG5: It's a Boy!

02. Babez For Breakfast

03. This Is Heavy Metal

04. Rock Police

05. Discoevil

06. Call Off The Wedding (feat. Bruce Kulick)

07. I'm Bigger Than You

08. ZombieRawkMachine

09. Midnite Lover

10. Give Your Life For Rock 'n' Roll

11. Nonstop Nite

12. Amen's Lament To Ra

13. Loud and Loaded

14. Granny's Gone Crazy

15. Devil's Lullaby


Альбом просто охуенен

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01. SCG7: Arm Your Doors and Cross Check
02. Scare Force One
03. How to Slice a whore
04. Hell Sent in the Clowns
05. House of Ghosts
06. Monster is My Name
07. Cadaver Lover
08. Amen's Lament to Ra II
09. Nailed by the Hammer of Frankenstein
10. The United Rocking Dead
11. She's a Demon
12. Hella's Kitchen
13. Sir, Mr. Presideath, Sir




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