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Alone in the Dark (2008)

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Alone in the Dark (2008)


Music from Alone in the Dark

Год выпуска альбома: 2008

Композитор: Olivier Deriviere


01. Prelude to an End

02. Edward Carnby

03. The Fissure

04. Collapsing Floors

05. The Fa?ade

06. Reception Hall

07. The Humanz

08. Who Am I?

09. Central Dark

10. Crying New York

11. Loneliness

12. Bethesda Fight

13. Killing the Fissure

14. No More Humans

15. Truth

16. Niamam

17. The Light Test Carrier

18. Shto Li [a cappella]

19. The Final Gate

20. The Choice

21. An End for a Prelude

[FLAC, torrents.ru]


Ti?sto Presents Alone in the Dark Inferno Edward Carnby

Год выпуска альбома: 2008

Композиторы: DJ Ti?sto, Olivier Deriviere


01. Edward Carnby Ti?sto Radio Edit (3:50)

02. Edward Carnby Ti?sto Vocal Mix (6:35)

03. Edward Carnby Ti?sto Instrumnetal Mix (6:36)

[MP3 320kbps, torrents.ru]

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