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Поиск команды


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Поиск команды


       Здравствуйте, нуждаюсь в помощниках для локализации онлайн игры "Luna Plus". 


1. Нужно 3-4 человека знающих Английский язык. Возраст +18 любящие MMORPG игры в стиле Аниме. Усидчивые, потому что очень большой объем работы. Умеющий работать в команде! Креативные, так как дословный перевод будет портить всю картину игры.

2. Сейчас нас 2 человека работающих над данным проектом "Скриптер" и "Программист". Проект на данный момент развивается стремительно в плане фикса багов и разработки зашиты, а вот с переводом клиента и тулз для работы с сервером огромный ступор.

3. Что вас ждет: Уютная атмосфера в команде, приобретения навыков в сфере языков программирования "Lua, C++, Dephi". Про оплату работы пока ничего сказать не могу так как финансов на данный момент только для покупки серверного оборудования и рекламы.

4. Так же нужен 1 человек владеющий Photoshop, Flash ( и в идеале знания Php. Не обязательность).

5. Связь:


Skype - yachikun3

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Это интерфейс:
1331	Fighters are the battle-hardened combatants of the Blue land. Fighters prefer close-quarters combat and dish out punishment on enemies from within melee range. 
1332	Defensive-minded fighters can learn skills related to increasing health points as well as the use of shields.
1333	Offensive-minded fighters can learn skills that increase damage dealt as well as proficiency with different weapon types.
1334	Guards are a Tier 2 class for fighters who wish to follow a more defensive path. Guards are the only Tier 2 class able to learn Heavy Armor Expertise, increasing their defense even more when wearing heavy armor.
1335	In addition to physical skills, magic skills can also be learned. These magic skills are often associated with active weapons and may be passive.
1336	Warriors are a Tier 2 class for fighters who wish to follow a more offensive path. Using two-handed weapons, warriors are able to deal large amounts of damage. 
1337	The Infantryman is a Tier 3 class for fighters who wish to focus on defensive abilities. This class is the only Tier 3 fighter class capable of casting Attract Circle, which is an area of effect taunt skill.
1338	The Swordsman is one of the two damage-focused Tier 3 fighter classes. The swordsman specializes in skills that require the use of swords, and has the fastest attack speed of the three Tier 3 fighter classes.
1339	The Mercenary is one of the two damage-focused Tier 3 fighter classes. Mercenaries specialize in using two-handed weapons and have multiple area of effect skills.
1340	The Swordsman can also acquire buff-related magical skills.
1341	The Paladin defends its party at all costs.
1342	The versatile Panzer uses firearms while wearing heavy armor.
1343	The Crusader is a champion skilled in the elements of divine magic.
1344	The Destroyer is adept at consuming the flesh and bones of its enemies.
1345	The Sword Master wields a sword in each hand, wreaking havoc on its enemies.
1346	The Magnus is a versatile fighter and has a variety of helpful buffs at its disposal.
1347	Rogues are versatile hunters able to wield daggers and bows with deadly proficiency. 
1348	These nimble damage dealers wear light armor, focusing on evasion to avoid attacks and defeating their enemies before they have a chance to strike back.
1349	Nothing strikes fear into the heart of your enemy like a rogue.
1350	Trained by the legendary Star Seekers themselves, Voyagers use their deadly marksmanship skills to assault their enemies from afar with bows and arrows. 
1351	Ruffians excel at attacking quickly with daggers at close range. What they lack in long distance attacks they more than make up for in pure melee damage.
1352	Self-healing and magical attack skills can be acquired as well.
1353	Archers control the battlefield from a distance, taking in the full range of a conflict and unleashing deadly ranged attacks into the fray.
1354	The following classes mainly use daggers as their weapon of choice:
1355	The Human Thief is master of the shadows, and is a perfect choice for players that like to hide in stealth and wait for the perfect opportunity to strike.
1356	The Elven Scout trades focused effectiveness for increased utility, including powerful buffs to critical rate and evasion and increased mana control and regeneration.
1357	The Sniper specializes in firearms and uses precision aiming for extremely lethal attacks.
1358	The Entrapper plants traps around the battlefield, waiting for its enemies to make a single wrong move.
1359	The Blade Taker wields a dagger in both hands, ready to ambush enemies in the blink of an eye.
1360	The Templar Master utilizes the energy of nature to empower its attacks.
1361	The Arch Ranger uses bows and arrows in order to quickly dispose of its foes.
1362	Mages are the spell-casting combatants of the Blue land. Mages tend to prefer combat from afar, channeling the elements to conjure spells that cause great harm to their foes.
1363	Mages are also able to cast healing spells which allow them to rejuvenate themselves and their allies.
1364	Although mages are the least sturdy of the Tier 1 classes and can only wear light armor, their potential for destruction is unmatched.
1365	The Cleric is a support-oriented class. Clerics are equipped with multiple heals and buffs, including buffs to wisdom, movement speed, attack power, and physical defense.
1366	The Wizard is able to inflict copious amounts of damage on its enemies. Wizards have exclusive access to INT and magic attack power buffs, as well as curses and debuffs against enemy monsters.
1367	Active attack skills as well as passive health point enhancing skills can be acquired.
1368	The Priest focuses on defensive and supportive spell-casting. Priests are the prototypical healing class.
1369	The Sorcerer is an active intellectual who is focused in the art of destruction. Sorcerers are the prototypical damage-dealing class.
1370	The Monk is a hybrid damage-dealing class. Unlike the sorcerer who deals damage from afar, Monks prefer close-quarters combat.
1371	Priests are equipped with strong heal spells and many buffs to improve the effectiveness of themselves and those around them. 
1372	The Cardinal, the master of healing based skills, is the symbol of righteousness.
1373	The Soul Arbiter exploits the weaknesses in its foes and torments their souls.
1374	The Grand Master, through years of intense study, has become the master of the mind.
1375	The Necromancer draws upon satanic powers and enjoys unleashing torture, blood, and death.
1376	The Rune Master channels the force of nature in order to destroy those who cause harm to nature.
1377	Under Preparation
1378	Others On Board
1379	Confirmation
1380	Unidentified person on board
1381	Boarding Price
1382	* You may set a price for characters on board.
1383	Boarding Tool Options
1384	Passengers
1385	The first tier represents the common Citizens of the Blue Land.
1386	The second tier represents the Knights of the Blue Land.
1387	The thid tier represents the Champions of the Blue Land.
1388	The fourth tier represents the Masters of the Blue Land.
1389	The fifth tier represents the Lords of the Blue Land.
1390	Magical damage is determined by a character's INT stat as well as weapon magical attack power.
1391	Magical defense is determined by a character's WIS stat.
1392	Magic Critical Chance is determined by a character's INT stat.
1393	Automatic Registration Tracker
1394	[Deconstruction Results]
1395	[Possible Results]
это разговоры с NPC:
#Msg 1
Another new adventurer? You don't look like much. Oh well, let's see what you 
got. You'll need to be skilled in battle if you're going to overcome the 
challenges ahead. Come back and see me after you've defeated $cs10 Slimes$ce and
$cs8 Fungus Pawns$ce. It shouldn't be too difficult. They're the weakest 
monsters here, after all.
#Msg 2
$csSlimes$ce and $csFungus Pawns$ce can be found just outside the gate.
#Msg 3
Thank you, you've just done me a huge favor!
#Msg 4
My name is $csHafreban$ce. I've been working here as a port manager for years
now. My twin brother has the same job at Mont Blanc Port. We're a lot alike, but
I haven't heard from him in weeks.
#Msg 5
My twin brother's name is $csJuke$ce. He used to send me letters from Mont Blanc 
Port all the time, but recently they've stopped coming. Please go to $csMont
Blanc Port$ce and check up on him. You'll find Mont Blanc Port if you go southwest from $csRed Orc Outpost$ce.
#Msg 6
Have you accomplished the task? 
#Msg 7
You'll also be able to find $csGhost Flowers$ce and $csRed Turtles$ce near the $csGate of Alker$ce. 
#Msg 8
Go meet $csPriestess Luna$ce in $csAlker Harbor$ce. She'll be able to guide you onto the next step of your journey.
#Msg 9
Hello, I am the priestess $csLuna$ce. I record the history of the Blue Land. By
studying our past, we are able to learn from our mistakes and predict our future.
#Msg 10
You must be the traveler that Rien sent. Nice to meet you. Honestly, I'm glad to finally meet an adventurer
like you. This world is in need of heroes now more than ever.
#Msg 11
Shall we try a monster that's a bit more of a challenge than fungus? Come back 
after you get rid of 8 $csGhost Flowers$ce and 7 $csRed Turtles$ce.
#Msg 12
Many monsters have debris from the time of the continent's formation still 
present in their bodies. Strangely, $csLeopards$ce seem to attract this material
more than other beasts. Maybe the debris is attracted to their spots. Who knows!
Whatever the reason, they will be vital in the study of our history.

Итемники показать не могу, очень громоздкие! Немецкий зачем мне нужен? Если текст весь англтайвань

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Ну я могу поучаствовать, но несколько пожеланий. Желательно текст диалогов, потому что описания меня напрягают (хотя можно и их). И небольшими порциями могу делать (принял, сделал, отправил, получил далее), так как времени не так много сейчас. Присылать можно на почту iog1987@yandex.ru

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Я думаю начать с интерфейса, так как .exe клиента не стал переваривать Английский после реконструкции.

Файл отправлю в txt все будет построчно. Каждая стока это новый элемент и никак не связано с предыдущей строкой.

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