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Flowerz - Достижения


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-9joiQ==.jpgFirst Bloom 5 gp-g.png Complete the first level in a game of Flowerz.

-fnhPA==.jpgBouquet 5 gp-g.png Create 100 total flower matches in games of Flowerz.

-BkZrw==.jpgRotating Crops 5 gp-g.png Play a single game of Standard and Expert modes.

+bvyVg==.jpgPlan Ahead 10 gp-g.png Create a 3 level cascade of flowers.

+FsKxQ==.jpgLeisure Garden 10 gp-g.png Play 25 games of Flowerz.

+noDcA==.jpgFlorist 10 gp-g.png Clear 1,000 total flowers in games of Flowerz.

+cTusQ==.jpgWindow Garden 10 gp-g.png Earn 100,000 total points in games of Flowerz.

+CQWIg==.jpgPetal Power 10 gp-g.png Match 5 flowers in a single row.

+wMCLA==.jpgPlan Far Ahead 15 gp-g.png Clear 12 flowers with a single flower placement.

+uP6vw==.jpgFlowerz Addict 15 gp-g.png Play 100 games of Flowerz.

+MLzCg==.jpgButterfly Luck 15 gp-g.png Use 100 total butterflies in games of Flowerz.

+SILmQ==.jpgFlowerz Zen 20 gp-g.png Earn 250,000 total points in games of Flowerz.

-IDgYA==.jpgGreen Thumb 20 gp-g.png Reach level 20 in a single game of Standard or Expert mode.

-WAY8w==.jpgClean Slate 25 gp-g.png Clear the board of flowers in Standard and Expert modes.

-0ERRg==.jpgStandard Master 25 gp-g.png Score 9,000 points during a single Standard game.

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