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Max Payne - первый кадр

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Shooting has just started of the film adaptation of Max Payne, and a first look at the movie's main character is now available. As usual we are not too excited about the film, as every recent game to film translation has left us sick to our very stomachs, but with some people of quality partaking in the project it has a chance of impressing.

Mark Wahlberg will take the roll of Max Payne, and although he does not look much like the character I am sure we could have been stuck with much worse. Better news comes from the fact that John Moore will be directing. He did not do that bad with his effort in Behind Enemy Lines - although Flight of the Phoenix was less impressive. There is a bit more bad news though, as recent reports hint that the film is trying to achieve PG-13 rating, and we just can't see Max's character been portrayed correctly under the confines of that rating.

It is currently unknown if the movie with keep the heavy film noir and slow-motion scenes of the game intact, or if it will instead adopt it's own approach. However, it is not scheduled to be released until sometime in 2009 so we still have loads of time to find out, and then complain if necessary.

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